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Women’s Support Group: Sharing Our Struggles and Our Dreams

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In this supportive Women’s Group we will discover the reasons why most people don’t have what they want in their lives. What do you want to do that you have never had the time, the guts, the focus, the support, the money, or the ability to put yourself first?  In the safety and synergy of this group we will come together to:
Clarify our life purpose and goals 
  Identify and overcome our fears 
   Prioritize action steps
   Support each other to follow through with our plans
   Explore and work through any barriers we may have
  If you are ready to engage with other women in a creative process to focus on yourself, your dreams and goals, your next chapter, then this is the group for you. 
FRIDAY’S 2-4:30   New session begins September 2nd.
Contact Carol for your intake session at cpgreenberger@gmail.com, or by phone at (828)458-9922. 
 This ongoing group meets in 6 week segments, with a week break in between sessions. $180 per 6 week session. Initial intake session may be covered by insurance.