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About Therapy

Have You Experienced Trauma?


What is Trauma?

Have you had upsetting experiences or relationships that cause you panic, anxiety, depression, sadness, or overwhelming negative thoughts and feelings? Trauma is often defined as big stuff: combat, accidents, violence, abuse. But really, trauma results whenever we feel helpless. We can have symptoms of trauma after being criticized, shamed or having our feelings hurt. These subtle injuries aren’t as harmless as they seem and can leave you with a monster inner critic giving you no peace. I use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a drug free solution, to help my clients heal from trauma and restore their full lives. Some typical reasons people come to me are negative thought patterns, self-defeating behaviors, compulsions, addictions, trauma, or feeling trapped in the pain of the past and not knowing how to let go. EMDR can help you stop repeating these habits.

My Philosophy About Therapy

I believe first and foremost that the client must feel heard, seen and known. After that, it’s a collaborative process to negotiate between what the client presents with, asks for, and what different modalities I can offer you to help you on your journey. Then it becomes a discussion about what will work best for you and what your preferences are.  I like to help my clients feel that they are in charge of their therapy, inasmuch as that is possible. I want my clients to feel empowered in getting what they need out of therapy. This involves asking for what you want and letting me know what you like and don’t like as often as possible. I invite you to share your thoughts and feelings with me freely at any time. Part of my job is helping you to find the words to say it when you get stuck. Articulating your feelings, letting yourself be known, and finding new ways to look at your life story, new ways of seeing yourself, is the path of healing. Also learning new skills and getting help developing new habits can help.

Some people feel that asking for help is a sign of weakness or that only crazy people have to go to therapists.  Actually it is the healthier people that are strong enough to ask for professional help. It takes courage to heal. Being able to let ourselves be known by another and to to be vulnerable, takes strength and courage, but it can be very rewarding.

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In My Practice:

I work with couples to enhance their relationships and increase intimacy, bringing the spark back, to rebuild trust after an affair or swinging, to divorce peaceably in the most healing way possible, and with co-parents after separation. Clients have described leaving our sessions energized, more confident and clear, and with a better perspective on their issues. My clients tell me I’m warm, easy to talk to and down to earth. They appreciate my interactive style.

In addition to EMDR, I use other cutting edge techniques for my client’s healing, including CBT(cognitive behavioral therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy: Hold Me Tight), psychodynamic psychotherapy, family systems, dream work, and creative modalities, such as Sandtray Worldplay, Family Systems Theories, as well as the knowledge gained from 25 years of mindfulness meditation.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help us shift our thinking in beneficial ways so that we’re happier and enjoy life more than ever before. Have you ever struggled with unrealistic or negative thoughts? I can help alleviate constant worrying by helping you shifting your thinking in positive ways. Let’s work together to improve your problem solving and communication skills, manage your stress, and increase your ability to quiet your mind through meditation and relaxation.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy increases your levels of personal insight, making lasting positive change possible.  Therapy can help you to:

  • Increase your ability to feel, identify and express emotions.
  • Make connections helping you understand ways your feelings about the past influence your behaviors today.
  • Learn new ways to process and express emotions.
  • Re-evaluate your perceptions of yourself and your past experiences.
  • Become self-accepting.
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