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Clients Share Their Experience of EMDR

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In this short video several clients share their experience of EMDR and how it helped them heal from the trauma of rape and war. Francine Shapiro, who discovered and developed EMDR, provides a very helpful explanation of how EMDR works. Since this video was made in the 1990’s, hundreds of research studies have been conducted, documenting the efficacy of EMDR therapy for healing trauma, as well as many other disorders and conditions. EMDR can also be helpful with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, OCD, addictions of all kinds, compulsive behaviors, and many other problems. The reason it’s application are so widespread is because it helps the brain release old stuck patterns and creates new neural pathways, enabling the brain to see a new way forward. It works very quickly and is permanent because it is a type of learning. It can also be very relaxing to the body and can help heal illness and relieve pain. Some clients see results in as little as one session. With developmental trauma, such as long term childhood abuse it takes longer, but results are seen much more quickly than in traditional talk therapy or CBT alone.
In my work with clients I combine EMDR with traditional talk therapy, psychodynamic, CBT, mindfulness, EFT, dream work, and others modalities as well. Please don’t hesitate to email or call me with any questions or to discuss the possibility of working together.