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Now Offering Teletherapy During Quarantine

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Are you feeling alone and isolated in quarantine? The good news is that most if not all insurance companies have approved telehealth/teletherapy and some have even waived cost sharing!

We can check your benefits for you to get the specifics on your particular plan.  I am doing #Teletherapy to help folks with #QuarantineAnxiety and #QuarantineDepression. Are you worried about money, your career, illness? Relationship stress? The people I’ve been working with so far are saying that online therapy feels like we are sitting together and that it’s just as helpful as if they were in my office!

I’m even doing #EMDR virtually and finding it to be very effective in helping people calm their anxiety. Emdr is especially good at helping you sort out your thoughs and feelings. In this time where many of us may need to recalibrate, it’s important for us to find our center, self soothe, and visualize our new path forward.

Here’s a nice article from Psychology Today on the benefits of telehealth:

14 Benefits of Teletherapy for Clients