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Women’s Support Group: Dynamic Women Connecting

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In this supportive Women’s Group we will come together to share our authentic selves. We will experience ourselves in relationship in a new way, listening and being heard in the safety of the group. We will ask questions like: What do you want to do that you have never had the time, the guts, the focus, the support, the money, or the ability to put yourself first?
Whether you are hurting from a painful relationship that you are in or has ended, alone and wishing you were in a relationship, or just feeling isolated from other true women friends, then this group is for you. We will give and receive support for whatever it is that we need and we will focus on clarifying our goals and that next step that we are wanting to take, to bring us into harmony with our true selves.

$150 for a 6-week session. Intake session may be covered by insurance.