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Women’s Group in Downtown Asheville, beginning Friday March 7th 11:30-1pm

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As Licensed Professional Counselors Carol Greenberger and Karen Macke have been in touch with women and women’s issues for many years.  With over 40 years combined experience they understand and connect with women at all levels of life.
Carol and Karen have teamed together to support women who are at pivotal and transitional moments in their lives.  You may have moved here recently, changed jobs, had the kids leave the house, or left a relationship.  Through this group women have an opportunity to grow together in a safe and supportive environment.  Together the participants celebrate each other’s unique gifts and explore options for positive change.
Women who join this group may be feeling bored with life, anxious or depressed.  In the group we will discover new methods for handling the stress of everyday life.  While the theme of the group is relationships and connection with other women Carol and Karen also spend time leading the group through creative healing, mindfulness and other issues.
A participant in a recent group said:
“Just being able to compare my situation with other women in a non-judgmental setting helped me to cope.”

If you are feeling stuck in your current life pattern or looking for understanding, compassion and respect call for more information about our newly formed group. We will create a safe, confidential space to share and connect.