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Discover the Healing Powers Of EMDR

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In the past twenty five years, EMDR has become increasingly popular. While it was originally developed to treat PTSD, EMDR has been found over the years to be effective in treating virtually any disturbing event and most physiological problems. In this article, Robin Logie explains just how effective EMDR  can be, the many different applications, and how effective it really is. Logie also delves into the scientific process of how EMDR works. Although there is much about how EMDR actually works that remains a mystery, Logie explains more about what we do know, and the remaining questions, than most other articles you will find. EMDR is a relatively simple tool, but our brains are complex and still in many ways mysterious to a degree.

What is EMDR?

EMDR was originally developed by American clinical psychologist Francine Shapiro way back in the 1980s. During EMDR, the client does repeated sets of eye movements, each lasting approximately 30 seconds, or sometimes more. This replicates a REM like process. The result is that the client makes the associations and neural connections needed to reprocess and  integrate in a more productive way.
The disturbing memory, which was taken in in a way that became frozen, causing a blockage to the system.
EMDR is much like the process of defragmenting your computer in the sense that EMDR “cleans up” and “optimizes” your mind so that things can operate more effectively.  I’ve seen many clients after literally a few minutes, say, “Oh, that’s over! I don’t have to worry about it anymore!”  Or, “I deserve better!” Or, “I know what I need to say!” EMDR helps the brain draw on resources that were blocked by the trauma, that was bogging down the system. Clients often have spontaneous insights, feel relief from their problems, and have a sense of resolve.

The Mystery and Power Behind EMDR

The human brain is very complex. Although there are still many different theories about how EMDR works, we do know that EMDR works very quickly and easily for many different disorders. Psychologists have found that EMDR helps to quickly resolve mental blocks in the brain, allowing for spontaneous insight and connections to be made  for further healing.
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