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Happy New Year!

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 Now is the perfect time to make the changes you have been meaning to make in your life! The biggest step is that first step of reaching out for help and making the call, or emailing, to inquire about getting help. Please don't hesitate to contact me for a free phone consultation (or email if you prefer), to see if it feels like that right fit. There has to be that click or just that comfortable feeling when you go to therapy.  So I am always happy to spend a few minutes on the phone chatting with you, answering your questions or hearing a bit about what your concerns are and letting you know if I think I can help you. Then we can get a sense of each other and see if it feels like it could be a match. Sometimes it takes an in person meeting to really know but you can usually rule out the completely "wrong fit" on the phone! If you feel shy and would prefer to ahve me call you, just email me and let me know some times when you are available. And if you are just not a phone person then email and we can connect that way.

One thing that I recommend is to write down what you would like to get out of therapy. I like to ask my clients, "If you could wave a practical magic wand, how would you change your life? How would you change your feeleings, your relationships, your career, your retirement, or anything else?"

 Just writing down your goals helps you to begin moving toward them, and manifesting them. Then it's always good to write a few simple action steps and dates for when you want to do things by. If you are so inclined it is even more powerful to draw, paint or paste pictures representing the changes you want to make. But even just jotting down a few notes to yourself about how you'd like to change and what you want to work on, is a very powerful action because it engages your psyche on several different levels.