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Asheville Women’s Group offers eight weeks of empowerment

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offer and receive support for your personal goals in a nurturing, affirmative environment

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – A new women’s group offers eight weeks of individual empowerment in a dynamic series of group focus sessions with Carol Greenberger, M.A., L.P.C., a licensed professional counselor.
Greenberger takes her inspiration from an oft-quoted line from A Circle of Stones, asking, “How might your life be different if there had been a place for you…a place of women where you were affirmed?”
This group is her answer. Together, the group will discuss self-esteem, identifying and expressing feelings, communication, assertiveness, boundaries, hopes, dreams, and goal-setting. Each woman will offer as well as receive support throughout the process.
“The reason most people don’t have what they want in their lives is because they either aren’t clear about what they want, or don’t believe they can have it,” explains Greenberger. “However, we can takes steps to reach our goals.  Many of us just need support and encouragement to believe in ourselves and to persevere as we find own way and follow the path we were meant to follow.”
In the group, women will go through a process to transcend limiting beliefs about achievement. They will clarify “our true heart’s desire, what makes our heart sing, our soul’s purpose,” says Greenberger. “Then, we will plan steps to reach our goals.”
The group offers a renewable eight week commitment structure, and attendance is expected to be regular and consistent throughout the eight sessions for maximum benefit. Plus, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and most other insurances will cover expenses associated with the initial intake session or group fees. An affordable sliding scale is offered for those with out-of-pocket needs.
“This is an exceptional opportunity for women to receive the support for the work they want and need to do in their lives,” says Greenberger. “I welcome the opportunity to help others in ways that support their emotional and economic well-being during these stressful times.”
Is a group situation right for you? Contact facilitator Carol Greenberger M.A., L.P.C., for your intake session at carol@carolgreenberger.info, or by phone at (828) 225-5555.  Find out more about Carol Greenberger at her Creative Counseling blog at https://cgreenbergertherapist.com//, or inquire at The Relationship Center, Asheville, at  www.trccounseling.com.